TTR 250 adsorption dyrer

Industrial dryers are used throughout industry in countless manufacturing, distribution and packaging processes. They are used to create an atmosphere in which dry air is a prerequisite for the success of the industrial operation: in the scenarios in which they are used – in the food, confectionery, dairy, pharmaceutical or shipping industry, for example – the relative humidity has to be kept at an exceptionally low level in order to optimize the production process, protect products or installations against damage through condensation or corrosion or foodstuffs against contamination, through mould for example. The two most common types of dryers are adsorption dryers and refrigerated dryers.

The TTR 250 is well-equipped to do the job. The TTR 250’s rugged stainless steel housing makes it impervious to corrosion and a self-regulating electric regenerative air heating system adds to the dryer’s efficiency by allowing it to gauge its output according to the air intake temperature and the volume of air that has already been regenerated.

And because the TTR 250 is not only designed and developed but also produced in Germany you can be sure that it has been manufactured to the highest of standards.
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